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Hälsocentralen Sankt Hans is a general medical centre open to everyone. We are situated in north Lund close to Delphi, Kemicentrum and LTH.

We are open every day all year round.

Opening hours

Monday to thursday  08.00 h - 19.00 h
Friday 08.00 h - 17.00 h

We recommend advance boking by phone.

Saturdays, sundays and holidays we are open for urgent problems.

Call for appointment from 10.00 h.


If you are a permanent resident of Skåne the patient fee is 160 kronor. If you live permanently in another part of Sweden or in an EU/EEC country the price is 200 SEK. With permanent residency outside EU/EEC the fee is 1424 SEK. Of course we give you a receipt for your insurance company!

Contact us

To avoid waiting time and to keep your privacy we strongly recommend you to book an appointment by phone 046-19 93 00. We love our callback system, but we are sorry it does not speak English yet. The greeting voice will ask you (in Swedish) to make your choice. Press "1" if you want an appointment or personal medical counselling by phone. Listen to the next instruction and press your phone number, including area code. For mobile phones please press give all the 10 digits. The voice will ask you to press a Swedish personal number (10 digits). If you do not have a Swedish personal number just can skip this step. The voice will now tell you the scheduled time (approximate) for our call-back.

If you need medical advice when we are closed please call phone number 1177.

In an emergency - call phone number 112.

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